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US Relocates Staff from Nairobi Embassy Due to Al Qaeda Threat

CNN – The United States is relocating some staff from its embassy in Kenya to other countries because of “recent changes in Kenya’s security situation,” the State Department announced Friday. The embassy will remain open.

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FIVE Children Executed in Westgate Massacre

Westgate Massacre – No less than FIVE children were executed by the Al-Shabab terrorists during the Westgate massacre with many of them being shot over five times.

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Westgate Shopping Mall Eyewitness Describes Adults Climbing Over Children to Escape

Kamal Kaur, an eyewitness at the Westgate Shopping Mall massacre describes how adults were climbing over children in order to escape.

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SAS Hero Saves Over 100 People at Westgate Shopping Mall

An SAS hero saves over 100 people at the Westgate Shopping Mall attack in Kenya after repeatedly re-entering the building to rescue hostages.

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