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Nine Year Old NekNomination Victim Hospitalised

NekNomination came close to claiming another victim, this time a 9 year old girl, who consumed half a pint of vodka, whisky and orange juice after being egged on by her friends.

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Boy 10 Participates in NekNomination

As NekNomination continues to flood the social media sites it is now reaching our children. Today a 10 year old boy from the UK was filmed participating in NekNomination.

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Schools Warning Children of NekNomination

Schools are now warning children to the dangers of NekNomination by holding assemblies and putting up warning signs on notice boards. A number of groups are now calling on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook in order to help stamp it out.

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Forget NekNomination Try NicNomination

Nicnomination… no we didn’t misspell NekNomination for Nicnomination is the new craze to sweep the internet and thankfully it doesn’t involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

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The Stupidity of Internet Craze NekNomination

I’ve come across some weird and wonderful stuff in my time but this craze of NekNomination goes beyond twisted, sick and disturbing and those participating in NekNomination certainly require psychiatric help.

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