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Iraq Crisis: What is Truth and What is Propaganda

Here the editor of Storyful, David Clinch explains how his organisation verifies armature photographs and video coming in from what is considered the front-line in Iraq.

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Does Reading the News Really Make Us More Enlightened?

Does Reading the News Really Make Us More Enlightened? In this video Alain de Botton asks: what is it that we’re really looking for when we watch or read the news – and is it doing us any good?

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Have We Become Complacent About the News?

We read the news everyday but have we really become complacent to the news? News is certainly important to us all and here we explore a number of issues that affects the very news that is written and read.

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Happy Birthday Meebal

Happy Birthday Meebal – Yes we hit the milestone of One Year old and as we celebrate the future is looking good. Thank you to all those who have helped meebal.com to survive its first year.

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Is Journalism Fuelling Our Depression?

Are we really tired of journalism? Is journalism fuelling our depression? What is so terrible about personalised journalism? Journalism is about giving the facts but what ever happened to someone’s personal opinion?

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