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Pat Condell: Media Sanitising Evil

Pat Condell: In his latest video he responds to critics who state that he shouldn’t refer to those to butcher children, murder women and homosexuals and commit all manner of crimes against humanity in the name of religion as savages.

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Pat Condell: Sweden Gone Insane

In this video Pat Condell addresses the issues of human rights and press freedom in Sweden regarding its growing multicultural community and the rise of Islam that turned Sweden from a safe and compassionate country to one where freedom of expression and open media are being oppressed for the sake of community cohesion.

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Progressive Politics: You Are a Racist – Full Stop

Progressive Politics, is it really progressive in bringing society together or is it an insidious plan to silence the masses to allow the progressives to rule without contention? Here Pat Condell talks about progressive politics.

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Pat Condell: European Union Downfall

Here Pat Condell talks about the dangers of the European Union and how it is slowly but surely stripping Britain and other EU member states of their sovereign identity and democracy.

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Islam Shoved Down Your Throat

For many British citizens they feel that Islam is being shoved down their throats and like Pat Condell Islam is being sold as multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance but with a poisoned centre. Here we examine Pat’s views.

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Is the EDL Really a Fascists and Racists Organisation the Left-Wing Suggests?

EDL, or English Defence League, is it really a fascist and racist organisation run by thugs who want white supremacy to rule Britain? That is of course what is peddled by the left-wing but here we take a closer look and ask you to form your own educated opinion.

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Are You Anti Islam?

Are you Anti-Islam? If you are then you are a growing number of people who are offended by the likes of Anjem Choudary spreading the word of the so-called ‘religion of peace’. Here Pat Condell provides a little insight that’s certainly worth considering.

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Pat Condell: Islamic Cultural Terrorism

In this video Pat Condell talks about Islamic Cultural Terrorism and how Islamic extremists are breaking UK laws and getting away with it simply because the authorities are frightened to be labeled as racists.

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Pat Condell Talks About Voting UKIP

Pat Condell provides his rendition of why voting for the UKIP in the next General Election is the only choice if Britain is to prevent the EU swallowing Britain.

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