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Tag "Phuket"

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Royal Thai Navy to Sue Reuters for Defamation

Despite worldwide condemnation over human rights abuses the Royal Thai Navy now intends to sue Reuters for publishing an article that suggested the Royal Thai Navy is engaging in human trafficking of the Rohingya refugees.

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Thailand’s Drive For Quality Tourists

Once again Thailand’s drive for Quality Tourists may just be another nail in its tourist industry coffin as once again the Thai Government grasp as straws without any idea of creating a sustainable long-term tourist industry for the country.

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New Phuket Top Cop: New Ideas or Just the Same Old Rhetoric?

The new Phuket Top Cop, Major General Ong-art Phiwruangnont, has announced a number of changes that will help Phuket’s tourist industry to recover from its current image of being a tourist destination of sea, sun, sex and scams.

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Phuket: Beyond Recognition

Phuket, Thialnd. A once stunning tropical island has now been turned into little less than a concrete jungle and whilst the expat moan few of them feel the need to promote change – I guess moaning about something is far easier than actually doing something.

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Two Week Holiday Hell in Thailand

One couples account of their two week holiday hell in Thailand. Their dream holiday in Phuket, Thailand was one they will never forget but for all the wrong reasons.

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Phuket Jet Ski Scams Continue and Backed Up by Officials

Phuket Jet Ski Scams continue but this time a diplomatic row has broken out between Australia and Thailand after the Australian Honory Consol receive a threatening text message from the Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Two Chinese Tourists Killed in Speedboat Crash in Pattaya Thailand

Yet another two Chinese tourists killed in speedboat crash in Thailand with a further eight others injured. With safety continuously being flouted will the Chinese take action and prevent its nationals from traveling to Thailand?

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Patong Beach Water Turning a Suspicious Brown

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand is suffering from a yet unknown ‘brown water’ issue; that is the coastal water has turned from blue to brown. Some blame it on human waste while the authorities say it’s likely to be algae.

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Stunning Sunset in Phuket Thailand

Here’s a better look at Phuket rather than all the bad press it appears to get these days. Here’s a stunning Sunset in Phuket and the reason why I love being in Thailand.

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Tourist Lives Still Being Put at Risk in Phuket

Despite severe weather warnings Thais continue to put tourist lives at risk on the holiday island of Phuket as they put to sea. One boat has already sunk with 19 rescued and 10 souls still lost.

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