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Nick Clegg Will Block Sending Knife Wielding Thugs to Jail

In a leaked document obtained by the Daily Mail, Nick Clegg is refusing to support measures that would see anyone involved in a crime using a knife jailed. Nick Clegg and other Liberal Democrats feel this would cost the taxpayer too much money.

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Lord Neuberger Criticises Short Prison Terms

Lord Neuberger has criticised short prison terms as nothing more than ‘disrupting a prisoners home life’ and that maybe prisoners should be allowed a cell of their own if they choose.

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Online Child Abusers Escaping Prison Sentences

Is the UK criminal system getting soft on online peadophiles? Judges are now handing down suspended sentences for 4 out of 5 cases whilst giving community service orders to others.

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Why Are UK Criminals Only Serving a Fraction of their Sentences?

Many people are beginning to feel the whole criminal just system is a farce as criminals only serving a fraction of their sentences? Why bother sentencing someone to 10 years when it is acknowledged they’ll be out in less than 5 years?

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