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Thailand: Tackling Human Trafficking Problem

CNN – Human Trafficking – Ever since Myo’s head was smashed into a block of ice he’s had trouble hearing. The Burmese man, whose name has been changed for his safety, was on a fishing boat in Thailand last year when it happened.

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Thailand: Thai Girls Selling Themselves to Foreigners

Prostitution is labelled as the oldest profession in the world and when it comes to selling sex in order to lure foreign men no country does it much better than Thailand.

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Asian Men Caught On Video Viciously Beating a Burmese Prostitute

A video has surfaced of Asian men viciously beating a Burmese prostitute.

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Teenage Sex Slavery Rife in Britain

In a disturbing report we look at the state of – ‘Teenage Sex Slavery Rife in Britain’ and how the government, through liberal laws cannot give justice to the victims.

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Russian Mafia Taking Over Prostitution in Thailand

Thai Authorities are complaining to Central Government that ‘Russian Mafia Taking Over Prostitution in Thailand’. This comes as no surprise as a lack of justice always attracts the criminal element.

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Child Prostitution Ring Run by Muslims

Child Prostitution Ring Run by Muslims – Nine Muslim men, in the UK, are being tired for running a Child Prostitution Ring – maybe we should let Muslims have Islamic Law and if found guilty, put them to death.

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