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Are Muslims Too Easily Offended?

Douglas Murray alongside Mohammed Ansar and Ajmal Masroor discuss Muslims religious sensitivity and ask the pertinent question as to whether Muslims are indeed too easily offended when faced with criticism of their religion and the prophet Mohammed.

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Richard Dawkins: Science Fact Versus Religious Belief

Richard Dawkins asks whether science fact is being sacrificed in the classrooms so as not to offend multicultural British society and more importantly the religious beliefs of the children attending school.

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How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre

A rather satirical video on Islamic ideology by Andrew Klavan but you know what they says… there’s more truth in humour than we care to admit.

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Pat Condell: Sweden Gone Insane

In this video Pat Condell addresses the issues of human rights and press freedom in Sweden regarding its growing multicultural community and the rise of Islam that turned Sweden from a safe and compassionate country to one where freedom of expression and open media are being oppressed for the sake of community cohesion.

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