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Tag "Religious Sensitivity"

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Are Muslims Too Easily Offended?

Douglas Murray alongside Mohammed Ansar and Ajmal Masroor discuss Muslims religious sensitivity and ask the pertinent question as to whether Muslims are indeed too easily offended when faced with criticism of their religion and the prophet Mohammed.

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Richard Dawkins: Science Fact Versus Religious Belief

Richard Dawkins asks whether science fact is being sacrificed in the classrooms so as not to offend multicultural British society and more importantly the religious beliefs of the children attending school.

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How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre

A rather satirical video on Islamic ideology by Andrew Klavan but you know what they says… there’s more truth in humour than we care to admit.

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Pat Condell: Sweden Gone Insane

In this video Pat Condell addresses the issues of human rights and press freedom in Sweden regarding its growing multicultural community and the rise of Islam that turned Sweden from a safe and compassionate country to one where freedom of expression and open media are being oppressed for the sake of community cohesion.

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Religious Sensitivity Gone Mad

Religious sensitivity really has gone too far in western society. Even Michael Palin, Monty Python star, admits that today’s religious sensitivity wouldn’t all for the making of Life of Brian.

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Muslim Family Outraged Over Cheese and Onion Pasty

A Muslim family is outraged over being sold a cheese and onion pasty, in a Morrisons supermaket, that turned out to be meat and potatoes. Not only was the meat unlikely to be halal but they were further insulted by being offered a bottle of champagne as Muslims do no drink alcohol.

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Muslim Mob Throw Stones at Sponsored Walkers

A Muslim mob threw stones, eggs and hurtled abuse at charity walkers near Birmingham. Police eventually had to transport the charity walkers out of the area but despite the Muslims actions the police are not taking any action.

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The Truth Behind Political Correctness

Political correctness now dominates Western society in order to bring about social and community cohesion. But has political correctness achieved this goal or is it further dividing people and communities?

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Morrisons Worker Threatened with the Sack for Wearing Poppy Pin

Adam Austin, a checkout worker at Morrisons Supermarket, has been threatened with the sack after turning up for work wearing a Poppy pin and Help for Heroes wristband that he refused to take off.

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Ex-British Soldier Told to Remove St George Flag Painted on his Front Door as it is Offensive

A housing association has demanded that an Ex-British Armed Forces serviceman removed the St George Flag painted on his front door as some might find it offensive.

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