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Tag "Same Sex Marriage"

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First Gay Clergyman to Marry Causes Outrage in the Church

The first gay clergyman to marry took place yesterday amongst much criticism from the Church and the public who called the act one of hypocrisy.

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Archbishop Declares Gay Marriage Puts Christians at Risk from Violence

According to Archbishop Justin Welby the issue of gay marriage is putting Christian lives at risk around the world as others view Christians as supporters of homosexuality.

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Archbishop Declares Church Will Embrace Same Sex Marriage

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has announced that the Church will embrace same sex marriage as it becomes law this weekend; this is in despite fierce opposition from many Bishops.

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UK Floods an Act of God Due to Cameron Legalising Same Sex Marriage

Legalising Same Sex Marriage is the reason Britain is suffering from widespread flooding, according to UKIP Councillor David Silvester. Mr. Silvester feels that Same Sex Marriage is against all christian belief and as a christian country we are damned to suffer God’s wrath.

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