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Tag "Second Amendment"

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Controversy Continues Over Gun Toting Shoppers

MOTHERJONES – Target stores all over Texas are now allowing shoppers to enter the store with their favorite firearms, as long as they are clearly visible and not a handgun. The group known as Open Carry Texas has been pushing their agenda around the state, calling it a civil liberty under the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution.

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Law Student Successfully Challenges Police Officer

In this video a law student successfully challenges his first and second amendment rights; it’s something that everyone should be aware of so that your rights and freedom are not trampled upon.

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3D Printed Guns

Cody R Wilson has figured out how to print a semi-automatic rifle from the comfort of his own home. Yes the era of the 3D printed guns is upon us. Now he’s putting all the information online so that others will join him.

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Gun Control – Revealing the Truth From an American Perspective

ENCOUNTER BOOKS – The right to keep and bear arms has always been central to the American identity. The American Revolution was sparked by British attempts to confiscate guns.

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Murder in the US is Big Business

Murder in the US is Big Business – carefully examine gun laws, the 2nd Amendment and the plutocracy style of government in the US and you will quickly see why Murder in the US is Big Business.

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Yoko Ono Campaigns to Outlaw Guns in the US

Yoko Ono released a image of John Lennon’s blood stained glasses in order to bring and end to gun violence in the US by introducing Gun Control Laws.

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NRA Makes Public Announcement Over Sandy Hook Killings

The NRA (National Rifle Association) finally makes a statement that enrages politicians, parents and gun control advocates across the United States.

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Should the US Introduce Tougher Gun Laws?

Should the US Introduce Tougher Gun Laws? Here’s a look at some of the points, both for and against, that will be debated heavily in the coming months and longer.

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Should Teachers Be Armed?

An article debating the arming of our school teachers in order to protect them in their care. Should Teachers be Armed?

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America: A People Gripped in Fear

America: A People Gripped in Fear – A look at how American’s are often lead to believe that their only salvation is the 2nd Amendment and their Right to Bear Arms.

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