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How Does Uber Make Money?

With Uber’s cars now operating in 130 cities worldwide and the company looking to raise another round of financing that could value it at more $10 billion, Bloomberg’s Willem Marx asks The Big Question: How does Uber make its money?

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Twitter: The Rise in Offensive Tweets

Is Twitter the downfall of real communication? After all Twitter users are only able to relate what they have to say in 140 characters; so could this fact be the reason why people often abuse others on Twitter?

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Don’t Get Me Started with the Social Networks

Social Networks… have you ever really engaged socially on the social networks? Here I explore the social networks and why it appears that the likes of Facebook will come crashing down as we become more socially regressive.

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Sinead Taylor Bullied to Death

The young, beautiful and talented Sinead Taylor was bullied to death and in this video, recorded before she committed Sinaed gives her account of the torment she endured.

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Twitter Users Unite to Save Suicidal Teenager

Last night Twitter users united to save a suicidal teenager after she posted that she was about to end her life.

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Research Suggests Using Facebook Makes People Miserable

Research suggests that Facebook makes people miserable and whilst 24 million people log on every day in the UK alone there are questions as to whether social networks could be the responsible for the rise in clinical depression.

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Ask FM Reports Sharp Rise in User Registrations

Despite the controversy over another teenage suicide, due to online bullying on Ask FM, Ask FM is reporting a sharp rise in teen registration. It appears even bad press is good press for Ask FM.

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Lee Westwood Bites Back at Twitter Trolls

After a disappointing final round at the U.S PGA Championship Lee Westwood was subjected to a torrent of abuse by Twitter trolls but unlike most Lee Westwood fought back. Good on you Lee!

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Should Ask FM Be Closed Down and Who is at Fault for the Number of Teenage Suicides?

Question are being asked if Ask FM, the teenagers social network, should be closed down due to a number of teenage suicides linked to its use. Who is culpable for the deaths? Ask FM, Parents or Government?

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Parents Call for Ask FM to be Closed Down After Another Teen Commits Suicide Due Online Bullies

Yet another teenager takes her life after vile trolls taunt her on Ask FM website. Parents are now asking the Government to shut Ask FM down after five teenagers have committed suicide.

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