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Don’t Get Me Started with the Social Networks

Social Networks… have you ever really engaged socially on the social networks? Here I explore the social networks and why it appears that the likes of Facebook will come crashing down as we become more socially regressive.

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Social Networking Growth Continues to Surge in the UK

Social Networking growth continues to surge in the UK especially for those age between 65 and 74. A resent report by the Office of National Statistics and Eurostats shows a continued growth in older residents going online and registering on the social networks.

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Are the Social Networks Critical to Websites?

If you are running your own website then knowing just how critical the social networks are to success will allow you to bypass the need to worry about your Google rankings.

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UK Facebook Users Abandon Facebook for Other Social Networks

Facebook users abandon Facebook at a rate of 1.4 million in the UK last month alone a recent report suggests. There are fears that Facebook could go the same way as MySpace.

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13 Year Old Boy Plans to Kill Himself Goes Viral

When things go wrong for some teenagers it appears, to them, that their is only one way out, suicide . This is the story of a 13 year old boy who planned to kill himself on his birthday.

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Is Facebook About to Collapse?

Is Facebook About to Collapse? With over 600,000 UK users failing to login during December 2012, are we beginning to see users tiring of Facebook and will it result in a collapse?

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Twitter – How Many Twits Make Up Twitter?

Are you a Twitter Twit? Looking closely at Twitter one has to ask … What’s the point of Twitter? Maybe it is all full of Twits who have nothing better to do.

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Social Networks – Are We Becoming Less Sociable?

Social Networks – Are social networks allowing us to be more sociable or are we losing ourselves and becoming detached from those closet around us?

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