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Tag "Spying"

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Edward Snowden Condemns Britain’s Emergency Surveillance Bill

THE GUARDIAN – The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has condemned the new surveillance bill being pushed through the UK’s parliament this week, expressing concern about the speed at which it is being done, lack of public debate, fear-mongering and what he described as increased powers of intrusion.

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NSA States Edward Snowden Did NOT Go Through Proper Channels to Report Concerns

The Guardian – Edward Snowden – The National Security Agency has disputed Edward Snowden’s insistence that he made efforts to raise his concerns about its surveillance practices internally before he decided to go public.

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Edward Snowden Ally Journalist Vows to Release More GCHQ Secrets

DAILY MAIL – Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who assisted Edward Snowden to leak millions of British and American intelligence documents has threatened to publish a new round and will reveal even more snooping by British Intelligence arm GCHQ and the US National Security Agency (NSA).

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Parliamentary Committee Spy Chief Grilling Labeled a Farce

Spy Chief Grilling Label a Farce – According to reports the recent Parliamentary Committee which grill the Spy Chief was a stage event after each of them were given the list of questions ahead of the committee meeting.

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NSA Accused of Spying on the Pope

NSA Accused of Spying on the Pope – It would appear that there is no sanctuary from the every reaching tentacles of the NSA. If these allegations prove true it would be extremely ironic that one oppressive regime is spying on another oppressive regime.

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Cameron Thinks Spying is Acceptable in Order to Prevent Terrorism

In the latest reports of intelligence services spying on allies David Cameron thinks spying is acceptable and even essential in order to prevent terrorism.

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Former Head of MI5 Proposes We all Spy on Our Neighbours

Former Head of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, suggests that we should all spy on our neighbours in the fight against terrorism. Is this a logical option or will it simply create paranoia in the UK?

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Iran Executes Two Men Found Guilty of Spying

Iran executes two men accused of spying for the U.S CIA and Israels Mossad. It is however unclear when the two were arrest or even when or where their trials where held.

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