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Government Contractor Filtering Millions in Offshore Accounts to Avoid Tax

A Government contractor, Telereal Trillium, is yet another corporation to avoid paying tax through a complex web of offshore accounts. This is the latest embarrassing episode for the UK Government and their failings to close tax loopholes.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt Meets Cameron but PM Refuses to Question Schmidt on Tax Avoidance

Google CEO meets with David Cameron as part of the elite Business Advisory Group but fails to find the backbone needed to question him over Google’s tax avoidance practices.

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Amazon Under Attack for Tax Avoidance

Amazon comes under attack for tax avoidance as records show that from £4 billion in sales just £2.5 million was handed over in corporation tax as Amazon uses every tax loophole available to avoid its tax liability.

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Foreign IT Companies Avoiding their Tax Liabilities in the UK

Once again the UK Government want to investigate foreign IT companies, such as Google, who avoid paying corporation tax on their UK profits.

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Outrage Over Google Tax Avoidance in the UK

Google again avoids pay tax on the vast profits in makes from its UK operations and some are suggesting the Google’s influence over Government policy and other websites has reached a very worrying state of affairs.

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Taxman Hunting Small Businesses

Once again the UK Taxman is failing to get tax payments out of the large corporations and so begins its witch hunt for the small business in order to make it look like they are doing their jobs.

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Facebook Not Only Avoids Paying Tax It Will Get a Refund

Facebook avoids paying tax on its $1.1 Billion profits and is even to receive a tax refund of over $450 million.

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James Blunt Planning on Moving to Switzerland

James Blunt Planning on Moving to Switzerland has the Daily Mail conducting another witch hunt over people and companies trying to avoid paying income tax.

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Tax Avoidance in the UK

Tax Avoidance in the UK – What gives the media, the government and the people the right to point the finger at Google, Starbucks and Amazon over tax avoidance.

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