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Cameron Calls to Allow HMRC to Raid Bank Accounts

David Cameron is now calling for powers that would effectively allow the HMRC to raid bank accounts of those to avoid paying tax. From the outset the working class might view this as an admirable step but the consequences of such powers could in fact bankrupt Britain.

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Taxman Spying on Tax Dodgers Using Google Earth

Taxman Spying on Tax Dodgers? Didn’t the Government recently assure the public that they were NOT being spied on? Unfortunately that’s another lie for now HMRC has revealed that it’s using Google Earth to help it track down tax dodgers.

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Taxman Hunting Small Businesses

Once again the UK Taxman is failing to get tax payments out of the large corporations and so begins its witch hunt for the small business in order to make it look like they are doing their jobs.

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Tax Avoidance in the UK

Tax Avoidance in the UK – What gives the media, the government and the people the right to point the finger at Google, Starbucks and Amazon over tax avoidance.

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