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2014 Consumer Electronics Show

2014 Consumer Electronics Show – From dancing robots and a Wi-Fi baby monitor, to the first Bluetooth game controller for iOS and a solar-powered car concept, to a personal cloud drive and curved smartphone, syndicated technology columnist Marc Saltzman looks at a handful of fun and or practical gadgets expected to debut in the coming months and years.

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Technology Tracking Your Every Move

Technology – In fall 2013, Seattle, WA, residents noticed mysterious white boxes installed on street corners throughout downtown Seattle. Their interest only grew when curious WiFi networks with the names of those street corners began to pop up on their mobile phones as available networks to connect to.

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Google I/O Conference

The Google I/O Keynote unleashed a slew of Android platforms to integrate into everything from the TV to the car. Wearables and Google Fit were other key features along with new design elements that add depth and animation to Android devices.

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Lie Detector App for Your Phone

BBC – In an age of misinformation, fact-checking apps or rather lie detector apps for our smartphones and computers could tell us when we’re being told lies.

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