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Psychologists Call for Cyber Bullies to be Prosecuted

Cyber bullies often feel immune from social justice and it’s unquestionable cyber bulling is a growing problem. Here we examine the issue and even offer a reason as to why children engage in such vile behaviour.

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Twitter Users Unite to Save Suicidal Teenager

Last night Twitter users united to save a suicidal teenager after she posted that she was about to end her life.

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Should Ask FM Be Closed Down and Who is at Fault for the Number of Teenage Suicides?

Question are being asked if Ask FM, the teenagers social network, should be closed down due to a number of teenage suicides linked to its use. Who is culpable for the deaths? Ask FM, Parents or Government?

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13 Year Old Boy Plans to Kill Himself Goes Viral

When things go wrong for some teenagers it appears, to them, that their is only one way out, suicide . This is the story of a 13 year old boy who planned to kill himself on his birthday.

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