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Thai Beauty Queen Resigns Title After Hateful Comments Against Activists

A Thai beauty queen has renounced her title after being criticised on social media for saying that certain political activists should be executed. Weluree Ditsayabut, 22, was in tears as she announced her intention to give up her Miss Universe Thailand crown.

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Thailand Crackdown Continues After Military Coup

BBC – Thailand: Military has ordered 35 more people, including prominent academics, to report to them by Saturday afternoon as the post-coup crackdown continues.

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Gunman Attempts to Assassinate Thai Government Official

A gunman attempted to assassinate a Thai Government official but was foiled due to the bullet-proof glass. Dramatic CCTV footage caught the assassination attempt.

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Will the Thai Economy Collapse Under the Strain of Greed and Corruption?

Many believe that unless the Thai Government is able to stamp out or heavily reduce corruption, Thailand could well sink under the weight of its own greed.

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