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Update: Thais Viciously Attack British Tourists

Original Story: Thais Brutally Attack British Tourists Update:– Authorities say they want to find those responsible for leaking CCTV footage of the attack on three British tourists in Hua Hin at Songkran. A province spokesman said that the footage was evidential material and

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More Thai Brutality as Thai Guys Beat Up Defenseless Girl

If the issue of the British family on holiday getting a vicious and unprovoked attack wasn’t enough to dissuade foreign tourists from visiting this foul, violent and disgusting society known as Thailand then maybe this next one will. Yes in

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Thais Brutally Attack British Tourists

This is yet another example of why foreigners should avoid Thailand as a tourist destination at all costs.  The local view now is that if you’re not murdered, beaten or scammed you’re one of the extremely lucky ones. SEE UPDATED

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Discover Thailand

Discover Thailand, the Hidden Charm with this video brought to you by Alan Tour.

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Thai Tourism Expected to Experience Severe Downturn in Wake of Military Coup

CNN – In most capital cities, waking up to images of armed soldiers, military vehicles and blockades on the streets, as the army gears up for what it would later declare a coup, might be cause for alarm.

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