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UKIP Support Plummets to Push Tories Back into the Lead

THE GUARDIAN – UKIP support has plunged back from its high point of the European elections, giving a boost to all the established Westminster parties and pushing the Tories into the lead, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll.

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David Cameron to Promote Women and Younger Men in Cabinet Reshuffle

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron is planning to embark on the most far-reaching reconstruction of his government next week as he promotes a new generation of women and younger men in an attempt to present a youthful and modern face of the Tory party to Britain at next year’s general election.

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Cameron Warns Backing UKIP Will Put Britain’s Revival in Grave Danger

David Cameron insists that if UKIP were to rise to power they would destroy the ‘Great Revival’. Here we examine a number of areas and ask what ‘Great Revival’ Mr. Cameron is talking about.

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