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Tag "UK Crime"

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Nick Clegg Will Block Sending Knife Wielding Thugs to Jail

In a leaked document obtained by the Daily Mail, Nick Clegg is refusing to support measures that would see anyone involved in a crime using a knife jailed. Nick Clegg and other Liberal Democrats feel this would cost the taxpayer too much money.

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44 Years Behind Bars for Acid Attack on Innocent Woman and Her Children

Three thugs involved in an Acid Attack on a young woman and her two 6 year old children outside a primary school have been imprisoned for a total of 44 years.

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Little Girl Left for Dead as Motorcyclists Flee the Scene After Running Her Down

Little girl left for dead as three off-road motorcyclists run her down, one even looking back, but fail to stop. Olivia Pollard suffered horrific injuries and will unlikely see any justice.

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Convicted Criminal Sues Police for NOT Allowing Her to Become a Police Officer

Rachinda Sobhi, a convicted criminal sues police for discrimination for not allowing her to become a police officer due to her conviction and amnesia of the conviction.

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Survey of Criminals Reveals Crime DOES Pay

In a recent government survey, questioning some 3,000 convicted criminals, the overall view was that crime DOES pay. If crime does pay how are we able to combat the growing number of crimes in the UK?

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Father of Murdered WPC Daughter Wants Her Killer Hanged

The father of WPC Fiona Bone wants her killer hanged and has publicly stated that the law needs changing and that the death penalty need reinstating.

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Burglars and Rapists Being Let Off with a Police Caution Grows

With more burglars, rapists and violent criminals being provided with a police caution or a suspended sentence is it time to put aside liberal left-wing sentiment and bring back justice to the United Kingdom?

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Man Arrests Drugs Dealer and is Charged with Kidnapping

Cenydd Nickels a well respected rugby coach is arrested for kidnapping and assault after performing a citizens arrest on a drugs dealer. Charges have been dropped by the prosecution services with no explanation.

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Armed British Police Officers Patrolling Our Streets

Armed British Police are now patrolling a number of estates in Bedfordshire after an alarming rise in gangland shootings. Many people now feel that this is a sign of the times as Britain becomes and ever increasing violent country.

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One Quarter of All Criminals in the UK Receive a Police CAUTION for their Crimes

It is almost unthinkable and yet the truth is that the Metropolitan Police Caution more and more criminals just to meet Government Crime Targets. Where is the justice?

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