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Britain: Public Anxiety Over Economic Recovery

THE GUARDIAN – Voters in Britain have grasped that an economic recovery is under way, but precious few are feeling the benefit, according to a Guardian/ICM poll that shines a spotlight on the anxiety of a nation.

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Cost of Living Set to Soar

According to a number of articles published today the cost of living set to soar as energy and housing prices continue to rise beyond the means of the consumer.

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Austerity Should Last Forever Cameron Announces

Austerity Should Last Forever – That’s the view of Mr. Cameron. Is he right to expect the taxpaying public to continue to suffer under austerity? Read this and find out what really could and should be done.

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Broke and a Bleak Outlook on the Future

It’s being reported that most people are broke and with a bleak outlook on the future. We look at the facts and the personal decisions you can make, as did our editor.

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