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Viral Marketing: The Holy Grail to Becoming a Success

Viral Marketing… yes it’s the Holy Grail of marketing and one that could transform an unknown business into a worldwide sensation over night. So how does it work and are their any pitfalls? Find out.

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Cracking the Code of Viral Marketing

Is there a formula for Viral Marketing? Are there rules to Viral Marketing? More importantly how easy is Viral Marketing. An interesting insight on the subject.

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Hyundai Suicide Commercial Gets Consumer Backlash

What was thought as a clever piece of viral marketing has turned into a PR disaster as Hyundai Suicide Commercial goes viral with huge public backlash.

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Evian Dancing Babies are Back

The Evian Dancing Babies return as Evian once again produce an outstanding advertisement with the babies that has already achieved nearly 31 milion views. Simply adorable.

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