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Tag "Vladimir Putin"

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Putin Supports Ukraine Peace Plan

BBC – Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he supports a peace plan tabled by Ukraine – as long as it includes “practical action” to start talks.

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Vladimir Putin Declares Russia Will Recognise Outcome of Ukraine Poll

THE GUARDIAN – Vladimir Putin has given the strongest indication yet that Russia is defusing its policy towards Ukraine, saying that Moscow will “respect the choice of the Ukrainian people” and work with the country’s government after a new president is elected on Sunday.

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Russia Hurls Abuse at Prince Charles After He Compared Putin to Hitler

DAILY MAIL – Russia yesterday lashed out at Prince Charles for comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler, publicly questioning his fitness to be king.

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US Threatens Russia with Sanctions Over Ukraine

CBS – With the Presidential elections looming in the Ukraine the US are hoping that Russia will play a more constructive role. Attempts to disrupt the elections will most likely lead to further sanctions.

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Putin Warns US to Back Off on Syrian Strikes

Vladimir Putin warns US to back off on Syrian strikes and allow Syria to hand over its chemical weapons to the ‘international community’. Syria has declared that it would comply and sign the international chemical weapons convention agreement.

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Cameron Defends British Slur from Russia

The British Prime Minster, David Cameron defends British slur from Russia after the Russian President, Vladimir Putin accused Britain of being ‘Small Island that no one pays any attention to’.

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Putin Vows to Aid Syria if US Attacks

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has vowed, during the G20 summit, to aid Syria if the U.S or its coalition forces engage in missile strikes against the regime.

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Arab States Willing to Pay for Syrian Strikes by the US

John Kerry, the U.S Secretary of State has revealed that a number of Arab States are willing to pay for Syrian strikes by the US. Kerry declined to offer information as to which Arab states have made such an offer.

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Syrian Crisis Escalates as Putin and Cameron Talks Collapse While Iran Prepares to Send in Troops to Support Bashar al-Assad Regime

As the Syrian crisis escalates Cameron and Putin enter talks, however these result in Putin refusing to support the rebels. This comes at a time when Iran is planning on sending 4,000 troops to support President Bashar al-Assad.

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