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Russia and China Unite to Block UN War Crimes Investigation Against Assad

DAILY MAIL – Russia and China have united to block a UN investigation into Assad’s war crimes in Syria. The two countries today vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution referring the Syrian crisis to the International Criminal Court for investigation of possible war crimes.

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Norman Lamont Contends Tony Blair Should be Facing The Hague Over Iraq NOT British Soldiers

DAILY MAIL – Norman Lamont has come out and stated that if anyone should stand trial at the Hague for war crimes during the Iraq War then it should be Tony Blair.

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Iraq War: ICC to Investigate British Soldiers Accused of War Crimes

Iraq War: The International Criminal Court at The Hague is now considering more alleged war crimes perpetrated by British troops against Iraqi detainees as once again Phil Shiner Public Interest Lawyers firm provides more information that war crimes were committed against Iraqi nationals.

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Syrian Snipers Murdering Unborn Babies

Syrian Snipers Murdering Unborn Babies – News has been broken by a British doctor helping in Syria whereby Syrian troops are using pregnant women as target practice and the target is their unborn children.

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12 Year Old Sri Lankan Boy Executed

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES – 12 Year Old Sri Lankan Boy Executed by what most believe was by Sri Lankan Government Troops has emerged, bring the debate over the Tamil Rebel war to new heights.

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