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Tag "Wealth"

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Rise of the Super Rich

Super Rich – Watch this video and see how people are getting richer and whether the ‘rich poor divide’ is growing ever larger.

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Secrets of the Rothschilds

In this short video it reveals some of the extent of the Rothschilds reaches into everyone’s daily life with its interests in media, banking and ultimately the control of money worldwide.

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The American Dream: Only the Wealthy Have Access

Does the American Dream truly exist for everyone? In the last 30 years, inequality has rocketed in the US — the American Dream only applies to those with money to lobby politicians for friendly bills on Capitol Hill.

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Are Capitalists Really the Personification of Greed?

Are capitalists really the self-serving and greedy people they are so often portrayed to be or are they indeed selfless individuals to work tirelessly in order to provide others with the things they need?

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Taboo of Inheriting Vast Wealth

Inheriting vast wealth, is it a blessing or a curse? There is a taboo when it comes to inheriting vast wealth which is openly discussing it in public. It is, according to the wealthy distasteful and akin to any cardinal sin.

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Growing Divide Between the Rich and the Poor

There is a growing divide between the rich and the poor but why, in times of a recession do the rich get richer and the flounder in deepening poverty? Should we tax the rich more?

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Lazy US Graduates Want It All But Do NOT Want to Work For It

A recent survey reveals that lazy US Graduates want all the material trappings from being wealthy but they don’t want to work in order to obtain what they want.

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Why Are We So Quick to Ridicule the Wealthy?

A look at extremely wealthy people, their lifestyle and why we often ridicule and admonish some for having so much why most of us has so little.

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Lord Ashcroft Announces Giving Pledge for Half His Fortune

Lord Ashcroft joins a distinguished line of the world’s most wealthy people to the ‘Giving Pledge’ as he announces that most of his fortune will be given to charitable causes.

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Tired of Being Poor? Here’s 10 Things You Could Do to Get Rich

Are you really tired on being on the breadline and scraping to make ends meet? Want to really be wealthy? Here’s 10 things you could do to get rich.

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