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White Dee Depressed? Not as Depressed as the Taxpayer

Once again Deirdre Kelly, aka White Dee, is living it up at the expense of the taxpayer. Yes whilst White Dee is off partying in Magaluf the taxpayer is expected to keep her welfare cheques rolling in.

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Heather Frost: Father is Ashamed of His Scrounging Daughter

In a new revelation, Roy Frost, the father of Heather Frost has come out to shame how disgusted and ashamed he is of his daughter living off the backs of the hard working taxpayer.

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Heather Frost: Scandalous Abuse of the Welfare System

Heather Frost – Now this has to be the most ungrateful person living on welfare. With 11 children and grandchildren, and after the council is building her a home she is still not satisfied.

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