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Welfare: Do You Really Know What it Costs You?

Do you really know what welfare is costing you? According to new Government figures a person earning the average national wage pays out over £1,700 a year in order to keep the welfare system afloat.

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Benefit Cap Working as Half Subjected Find Work

Last years announcement on the Benefit Cap may have had a number of critics calling on the Government to change its policies but the Benefit Cap rules have produced some very remarkable results.

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Church of England Bishops Criticise Government Welfare Reforms

Once again the Church of England has come out to admonish the Government Welfare Reforms. No less than 26 Bishops have written an open letter to David Cameron declaring the welfare reforms damaging to society and the poor.

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Will the British Governments Welfare Reforms Work?

Britain desperately needs to embrace welfare reforms if the economy is to prosper. Will the new Universal Credit system be the welfare reforms Britain needs in order to entice people back to work?

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UK Welfare Reforms to Incapacity Benefit Gets People Working

Government figures show positive signs that the Incapacity Benefit Welfare Reforms are getting people off the sick. The question remains if the reforms are getting people back to work.

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