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Indian Government Vows ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Violence Against Women

THE GUARDIAN – India’s new government has promised “zero tolerance” for violence against women, amid widespread public anger following the recent gang-rape and lynching of two teenage girls.

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Stop School Children Using Sir and Miss Because it’s Sexist

According to one Professor, Jennifer Coates, children should be banned from using the terms ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ for it simply sexist. Here we provide our views on the issue which many feminist might not agree with.

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A Woman’s Place is in the Home

A Woman’s Place is in the Home – Now that has to be the most sexist statement ever but bare with for I think women have completely lost the plot in their pursuit of equality.

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Sudanese Woman Publicly Flogged for Getting in a Car

Sudanese woman publicly flogged by police after accepting a ride in a car from a man that was neither her husband or relative. Under penal code 152 of Sharia Law she was subject to 40 lashes.

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Muslims Vilify Western Values and Yet 91 Women are Raped in Egypt Riots

Muslims vilify Western values but during the Egyptian Riots no less than 91 women have been raped, including on Western female journalist. So much for Muslim values.

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