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Banks Using Wonga-Style Debt Collection Tactics

MORTGAGESTRATEGY – Major high street banks are using Wonga-style debt collection tactics by sending customers letters chasing for payments seemingly from third-party firms.

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Church of England Climbs Down Against Wonga

After vowing to take on Wonga, over its high interest rates, the Archbishop Justin Welby back-tracks the position the Church of England will take.

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Church of England Investment Strategy to Be Reviewed After Embarrassing Revelations

The Church of England Investment Strategy is to be reviewed after the Archbishop is further embarrassed with revelations that the Church is activity investing in tobacco, alcohol and even pornography.

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Archbishop Looks Foolish After Attacking Lending Firm Wonga as Church Profits From Their Activities

After the Archbishop, Justin Welby, attacked Wonga over it’s exorbitant interest rates it turns how the Church of England was responsible for providing venture capital to Wonga to get it started.

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