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Fascinating YouTube Secrets

Watch the video below for this will give you some little tricks when using YouTube where the results are not only unusual but highly entertaining.

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Google Profiting from Islamic Terrorist Videos

It is confirmed that Google Profiting from Islamic Terrorist Videos. It took us less than 2 minutes to find Islamic Terrorist videos on YouTube, owned by Google, which carried advertising for some of the worlds most popular brands, including Apple.

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Google Accused of Promoting Terrorism on YouTube

Now Google accused of promoting terrorism through its YouTube service as it refuses to remove or ban Terrorist related videos despite a clear violation of its own guidelines and terms.

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MPs Demand Google Remove Islamic Hate Preaching Videos in Wake of Woolwich Murder

The Government have called upon Google to remove Islamic Hate Preaching Videos and that other social networks need to stop Islamic terrorist groups from spreading their messages of Jihad.

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YouTube Set to Charge for Watching Videos

Google has announced that YouTube is set to charge from watching videos on specialists channels. Fears are that Google could step up its algorithm manipulation in order to stifle competition in pursuit of even greater profits.

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Happy Birthday YouTube

Happy Birthday YouTube. In this article I look at some of the most popular videos over the 8 years YouTube has been around – seems like YouTube have been around much longer.

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YouTube and You

A look inside YouTube and how we interact with YouTube and one another. In the world of social media YouTube certainly has become a driving force in spreading the word.

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