Taiji Cove: The Murder of Helpless Dolphins

TAIJI COVE: THE MURDER OF HELPLESS DOLPHINS - There is something about Dolphins that we all love.  Maybe it’s because we are able to connect to them in a way that we simply cannot fully explain or maybe it’s simply due to the fact that we can appreciate just how beautiful, intelligent and friendly Dolphin’s are; so it comes as no surprise that when people are murdering or capturing Dolphins for the own financial gain, we are outraged.

Taiji on the south coast of Japan is a popular tourist destination where many people like to go and see the Dolphins that come into the cove.

The Dolphins are more than accommodating often allowing swimmers to play with them and for anyone who has ever had the pleasure of swimming with Dolphins the sensation is one of pure joy and delight.  Trust me, if you have never had the experience you are truly missing out on one of life’s most incredible experiences.

From the photograph below it might be easy to think, at first glance, that the guys in wet suits are trying to help an injured Bottlenose Dolphin and get nothing can be further from the truth.  What these despicable human beings are doing is checking for any blemishes or scars on the Dolphin.

If there are none, it is netted and hauled aboard a boat where its fate sealed to be sold to one of the many thousands of Aquariums around the world for sums ranging from £50,000 to £100,000.  On the other hand, if the Dolphin is found to be unfit for sale it is summarily slaughtered in the most horrific way and sold as meat.

What these despicable human beings are doing is checking for any blemishes or scars on the Dolphin.

Most tourists are unaware that this level of barbarism is carried out year after year and during the season of murder the water in the Taiji Cove turns dark red with the Dolphin’s blood as they are slaughtered one by one in the most horrific way.

The Japanese men, in their motorboats, net off the cove, so that none of the Dolphins can escape and then carrel the Dolphins with their boats, often the propellers of the boats causing massive injuries resulting in certain death.  This callous and despicable act should never be allowed to take place and yet many of us who visit Aquariums and Water Theme Parks are to blame.

the water in the Taiji Cove turns dark red with the Dolphin's blood as they are slaughtered one by one in the most horrific way.

In my view this is nothing short of barbaric and totally unnecessary.  As with Whale hunting the Japanese can easily manage without the meat.

As for capturing these poor defenseless creature in order to make huge profits in selling them to Aquariums and Water Theme Park, this is my book makes these people sub-human and a fitting punishment should be incarceration in the deepest darkest hole on earth for about 10 years – just so they can sample the torment these poor Dolphins go through in captivity.

Dolphins murdered for their meat by the Japanese fisherman.

Dolphins murdered for their meat by the Japanese fisherman.

Dolphins, and Killer Whales, are not meant to be in captivity and held simply for our amusement.  These are highly intelligent creatures and should be allowed their freedom.  We wouldn’t imprison a human being for no reason and we certainly wouldn’t put a person on display for the amusement of others – just to make money, so why, in this age of enlightenment, are Dolphins and Killer Whales captured and put on display?

Aquariums and Water Theme Parks would have you believe that these creatures are well cared for, but the truth is these creatures are living in unnatural conditions that shorten their lifespan considerably – Dolphins and Killer Whales are simply not meant to be kept in captivity.

I am sure you are appalled and outraged by what you have seen and read here, but you can make a difference if it matters to you that much.  Start by writing to the Japanese Embassy in your country.  Follow that up with a letter to your local Member of Parliament, Congressman or whoever is in power – make these people aware that you want this activity and the captivity of Dolphins and Killer Whales stopped.

When you write to the Japanese Embassy tell them point blank that you find this activity disgusting, cruel and that only a barbaric nation would allow its people to carry out such an atrocity.  Tell them that until the killing and captivity stops you will no longer buy Japanese products, of any kind.

Whatever action you take; DO NOT got to Aquariums and Water Theme Parks – remember if they have no customers then there will be no demand – put these companies where they belong – OUT OF BUSINESS.

I implore you… share this with your friends and hopefully we will, together, be able to put a stop to the barbaric and unnecessary evil.

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  • caroline

    Sometime watch the actual killing of these beautiful animals. You won’t sleep at night. It is so cruel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/donna.wozny.7 Donna Wozny

    This is the sad truth of humanity, that we feed our greed. The water pictures were horrifying and to know they are continuing in this manner with no interference from their own country leads to more questions.
    I do agree that any animal should not be kepy in a cage or tank, that is why they are called wildlife. However there is an important aspect in teaching and education for the general public. As you mentioned, shows and tricks are demeaning, but with the need for entertainment so high, most would not attend if they were only going to be lectured about the animals. It’s akin to slipping medicine in with a treat, who are the real animals?