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Taxi Firm Employs More Eastern Europeans Because Brits are too Lazy

Taxi Firm Employs More Eastern Europeans Because Brits are too Lazy

TAXI FIRM EMPLOYS MORE EASTERN EUROPEANS BECAUSE BRITS ARE TOO LAZY – Taxi firm boss, Terry Spooner, 42 has declared that two thirds of his work force are Eastern Europeans because the British are too lazy and would rather live off benefits than find gainful employment.

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It’s a worrying time for British citizens in that many feel that the UK is being overrun by foreigners taking all the jobs and that those who do not work are fleecing the taxpayer through the benefits system.

We’ve heard the argument that many Brits don’t want to work because of the low wages or that they would ultimately be supporting a bunch of foreign immigrants living the high-life on the back of their taxes.

Whilst such considerations might be prevalent there are others, such as Mr. Spooner, who feel that it is not the foreigners we should be worried about but rather British citizens who have become indoctrinated into the ideology that they are somehow ‘entitled’ to live off the state.

The entitlement culture is certainly evident and there is not a day that goes by without some news agency reporting more abuse or fraudulent benefit activity; indeed the Work and Pensions Secretary was recently hauled over the coals due to the amount of abuse which lead to losses amounting to £3.5 billion of the taxpayer’s money.


Government Fails to Crackdown on Benefit Fraud

Benefit Fraudsters Getting Away with Billions of Taxpayer’s Money

According to Mr. Spooner his Eastern European workers are ten times better than any British worker and are willing to work all manner of hours in order to earn their way; whereas the British would rather sit around claiming benefits whilst attempting to make their plight look like the fault of the Eastern Europeans.

Mr. Spooner told reporters that he finally turned to Eastern European workers some 18 months ago after failing to attract local workers.

Maybe we’ve been mislead to think that the onslaught of Eastern European workers is a bad thing; the connotations have always been depicted as flocks of Romanians and Bulgarians sleeping rough on the streets and taking to begging and or crime to make ends meet.

It is unquestionable that these events are prevalent but as with any issue there are always two sides and Mr. Spooner’s experience obviously brings to light that many Eastern Europeans are coming to Britain in order to become highly productive members of society.

Currently there are approximately 1 million unemployed youths in Britain and you have to ask why they can’t get a job.  We’ve heard the usual arguments such as a lack of opportunity or skills and yet Romanians and Bulgarians come from far poor countries with fewer opportunities and certainly less skills but manage to find gainful employment.

The Government continues to come up with schemes in order to reform welfare and get people in employment.  It has gotten to the point now whereby the Government is now attempting to force British nationals into work, through welfare reform, and yet no one is forcing the Romanians or Bulgarians; they appear willing to do anything in order to earn their way.

What does this say about our nation in modern times?  The message appears crystal clear in that we feel ‘entitled’ and as such we are willing to watch Britain slip further into the abyss of national debt – the British bulldog spirit appears to have had its life force snuffed out and all that remains is a hollow shell; one wrapped up in self-pity, despondency and above all entitlement.

It is clear to see for anyone who cares to open their eyes that any issues we may have with Romanians and Bulgarians are our own doing.  If we were a productive and hard working nation then foreigners wouldn’t be an issue for there would be few jobs available to attract the numbers we are seeing today.

Maybe it’s time we stopped beating the drum of patriotism and instead give our unemployed a choice; either work or go hungry for whilst we continue to provide everything they need from the cradle to the grave such a move will never provide any motivation.

Of course we can do nothing and continue to moan about Britain being overrun by foreigners whilst the British citizen continues pushing Britain further to the brink of financial bankruptcy; just because they feel entitled to do so.

If you still love your country then support the welfare reforms; indeed insist upon them. If you still love your country then do it a favour… get a job.

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