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Taxpayer to Fund Drunk and Disorderly Rehabilitation Course

Taxpayer to Fund Drunk and Disorderly Rehabilitation Course

TAXPAYER TO FUND DRUNK AND DISORDERLY REHABILIATION COURSE – Members of the public arrested for being drunk and disorderly could face being sent on a course to boost their self-esteem the Government has announced.

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I would like to start off this opinion by a press statement given by Jonathan Isaby, the Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance…

“This is a farcical waste of taxpayers’ money…Those who go out, get tanked up and then disrupt the peace should be dealt with by the police, not sent on a self-image course.”

Should any more need saying?  In fact yes because whilst Mr. Isaby is perfectly correct he stopped short on what actually needs doing.

We all like to go out and have a good time and yes sometimes people get a bit too drunk and cause a little disruption but this needs handling in a completely different way.

For starters such public offenses need to be clearly defined as what they are and in this case it’s a crime, pure and simple.

With that being said we should take a sensible approach and that would be to arrest them, lock them up over night and fine them £1,000 in order to cover the cost of accommodation and police time.

Such offenses shouldn’t have to go through any court and such a system, as suggested above, would inevitably save time, effort and indeed cover costs.

Of course such offenses could and should be viewed far more seriously for those who repeatedly offend and whereby assault comes into play, either levelled at members of the public or law enforcement, such an offense needs harsher punishment.

Considering these aspects then a first time offender, without engaging in assault, should face the fine as suggested above.

Where the offense however takes on one of assault then the fine should be increased to £3,000.

We now need to explore the issue of repeat offenders which should be met with double the fines for each repeated offense and anyone unable or unwilling to pay the fines should automatically receive a one year custodial sentence but one that requires the inmate to work; that is sending them out after the Friday and Saturday night binges and make them clean up the urine, the vomit and all the take-away rubbish that other revellers have left behind.

Once again however the taxpayer is witnessing the weakness of Government and local authorities who appear desperate to appease the liberal left-wing ideology that people are simply misguided and that crime should be treated with compassion and in this provide another form of social rehabilitation.

Ask any member of the law abiding public about crime in the UK and they will admit that it’s gotten out of hand which has come about through our inability to deal with crime effectively.

The very notion of justice and punishment appears farcical and the public are long overdue for a change from what is now widely perceived as a moronic liberal system of justice or rather simply put no justice at all, to a system that is willing to adequately punish those who commit crime.

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