Taxpayers Fork Out Over £28 Million in NHS Gagging Orders Since Election

TAXPAYERS FORK OUT OVER £28 MILLION IN NHS GAGGING ORDERS SINCE ELECTION – Give me a £10 for every promise David Cameron, and the rest of the incompetent clowns he calls ministers, and I could retire aboard tomorrow in a very comfortable pool villa.

How about giving me just £5 for every lie; now we are talking real cash, enough I imagine would afford a jet set lifestyle.

Of course the Government is not going to give me any money because I don’t work for the NHS and I am not privy to any underhanded deception that could cause a national scandal and throw the Government’s reputation into question.

Department of Health

Reports have just been released that since David Cameron came to power the Government and NHS officials have signed over 1,000 gagging order which has cost the taxpayer an outrageous £28 million.


NHS Watchdog Covering Up Failings of NHS Bosses

NHS and the Excessive Salaries it Pays to Top Executives

The number of pay-offs amounts to approximately one a day for the last three years and it was uncovered that one individual was paid a staggering £266,000 to keep quiet and not to report their knowledge of NHS failings to the press.

Seriously folks if you want to bump up your income then head over to the NHS and apply for either a senior manager or executive position.  Don’t worry that you are woefully inadequate and in fact if you are completely incompetent that will actually help in your application.

No I’m not mad; just look at Sir David Nicholson – he’s responsible for the deaths of over 1,200 patients at the Mid-Staffordshire and not only did he not resign the Prime Minister refused to sack him and even had the gall to say he was going a ‘great job’.


Cameron Refuses to Sack Sir David Nicholson Over NHS Scandal

Patients are NOT an NHS Priority Says Sir David Nicholson

Patient and Care Group Call for Prime Minister to Sack Sir David Nicholson

Once you’ve secured you’re positioned just do a little digging around.  No, it’s not that difficult the NHS is so riddled with liars, thieves and murderers with complete and utter incompetence it’s easy to dig up some dirt.

Now with your dirt in hand make a few photocopies; keep the original and then take the copies to your boss.  BINGO they’ll pay you thousands to keep quiet.

Sir David Nicholson, the head of the NHS and the man who will not only resign over the Mid-Staffordshire fiasco, where over 1,200 patients needlessly die under his direct control, but is also protected by the Prime Minister; who thinks Sir David is doing a marvelous job.

Sir David Nicholson – Should Resign

You might think that’s more than a little ridiculous or even the most libelous statement ever to be made and yet when you look at the facts it is of course the honest truth.

The Government can’t of course call these ‘Gagging Payments’ but rather refer to them with a more eloquent term ‘Compromise Agreements’.  In laymen terms this is nothing short of a practice of corruption that results in the theft of public funds for liars.

I can only conclude that David Cameron either has his hand in the cookies jar or he’s so clueless that he is not aware of the problem.  Which one do you think it is?

It would appear that our Prime Minister is not only a liar; as he’s never delivered on any of the promises made during his election campaign, he is also part of the corruption that results in the theft of public funds.


NHS in Serious Trouble

It’s not only time that David Cameron stepped down as Prime Minister but as he walks out of No.10 Downing Street he needs arresting and putting on trial.  Unfortunately justice is never really served to our politicians; you only have to look what Tony Blair has managed to get away with to truly understand this.

The woman, Dame Barbara Hakin, herself a GP, has been given the jobs as Deputy Chief Executive of the NHS. During the scandal it was Dame Hakin that is said to have helped ‘authorise’ a payment of £500,000 in order to gag the chief executive of a hospital trust where 670 patients are feared to have died needlessly.

Image: Daily Mail

It was not that long ago that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt promised that gagging NHS staff would be outlawed and those involved would face the inside of a court room.  That has to be one of the shortest lived promises that a Minister has ever made; but what do you expect from a wholly incompetent minister?


NHS Whistleblowers Must Never Be Gagged

NHS Boss Who Silenced Whistleblowers is Given No 2 Job at the NHS

If you honestly can’t see the problems we have with the NHS now you never will and while we allow Ministers and Executives to continue this practice the austerity measures the Government is imposing on the taxpayer can only get worse as they continuously rape the treasury in order to cover up their incompetence.

Do you think David Cameron should resign? Do you think the NHS needs a complete overhaul of senior managers and executives? Give your honest answers in the comments below.

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