Tebbit Hints at Sex Abuse Cover-Up as Pressure over Missing Files Intensifies

by Editor | July 7, 2014 1:16 am

THE GUARDIAN – Lord Tebbit has said he believes there may have been a political cover-up of child abuse allegations against politicians in the 1980s as Theresa May came under pressure to explain how the Home Office lost or destroyed more than 100 files related to accusations of organised paedophilia.

The former cabinet minister, who served under Margaret Thatcher, said the collective instinct of establishment figures at the time was to protect “the system” and not to delve too deeply into claims.

The home secretary is preparing to make a statement to the House of Commons on Monday to explain what happened to the missing documents relating to historic organised child abuse over a period of 20 years.

Ministers hope this will quell demands for a public inquiry into disparate allegations of child abuse from that era. They include claims of abuse against the late Liberal MP Cyril Smith and allegations of paedophile activity at parties attended by politicians and other prominent figures.

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