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Teenage Girl Vanishes in Newport

Teenage Girl Vanishes in Newport

TEENAGE GIRL VANISHES IN NEWPORT – 18 year old Nida Ul-Naseer has vanished from her home in Newport, South Wales. Her family, asylum seekers from Pakistan, believes that her disappearance may be linked to the fact that she was unable to go to university as the family’s asylum had been denied by the Home Office.

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As you will read from the full article the Ul-Naseer family were actually denied asylum a year ago and therefore it will come as no surprise as to the number of people asking the same question… ‘How come they are still in Britain?’

According to Nida’s sister Shamyla she was frustrated, angry and highly disappointed that she could not go to university; such a statement then led to other users to comment, this time asking the question… ‘And who did she expect to pick up the bill for her education?’

The answer to that question is obvious… the British taxpayer.

Notably the family are distressed and rightfully so; after all Nida is still very young but also requires medication without which she is likely to become anaemic.

Whilst I certainly feel for the girl, who is reported as being academically gifted, it doesn’t detract from the plain truth that she and the rest of the family should have been deported back to Pakistan a year ago.

It is so easy here to sound cruel and unsympathetic but if her family had accepted the decision of the Home Office, which is undoubtedly under an appeal, then Nida wouldn’t be in this situation and could attend school in Pakistan.

We’ve all heard and read the stories on how girls are treated in Muslim countries but again this is something we have no control over and neither should we.  We must learn to respect their culture and their religion and if they want change then they should affect such through whatever means are available to them.

Of course that level of respect must be reciprocated; in that those granted permission to remain in the UK  should integrate with our culture and religion.

I for one sincerely hope that Nida Ul-Naseer is found quickly and that she is healthy.

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