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Terrifying Elephant Attack in South African Safari Park

Terrifying Elephant Attack in South African Safari Park

TERRIFYING ELEPHANT ATTACK IN SOUTH AFRICAN SAFARI PARK – Anyone who has ever watched a wildlife programme concerning elephants could testify that they are not only incredibly beautiful and majestic animals but also highly dangerous.

When it comes to a bull elephant and one that is in musk you are now talking about one very sensitive creature whose temper can flare without warning; having a bull elephant come at you in a rage is not something anyone would want to experience up close and personal.

Unfortunately for Sarah Brooks and her fiancé, their trip through an African Safari Park turned into a situation that went from an exciting exploration of African wildlife to a terrifying attack by an enraged bull elephant.

The sheer power of the bull elephant is clearly displayed in the video above as it is seen tossing Sarah Brooks car around as if it weighed no more than a couple of pounds.

During the incident the car rolled over no less than three times and was flung over 40 metres in the attack.

Experts who have viewed the video have stated that during the entire attack the bull elephant effortlessly moved the vehicle over 130 feet down the bushland track leaving the car completely wrecked with gaping holes in several areas of the vehicle caused by the elephant’s tusks.

Sarah Brooks from Spalding, Lincolnshire received a number of injuries but is reported to be in a stable condition in hospital.

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