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Terrorists Planning to Target Britons at the Olympics

Terrorists Planning to Target Britons at the Olympics

TERRORISTS PLANNING TO TARGET BRITONS AT THE OLYMPICS – Doku Umarov, dubbed Russia’s Osama Bin Laden, is planning a terrorist attack targeting Britons at the next Olympic Games at Sochi in southern Russia according to Canadian counterterrorism agencies.

A detailed report drawn up the Canadian counterterrorism agencies has been shared with British intelligence states that Doku Umarov poses a significant threat at the games.

Doku Umarov

The recent suicide bombings in Volgograd in Russia are both linked to Doku Umarov, a 49 year old Chechen jihadist.

Doku Umarov leads the Imarat Kavkaz (IK); an armed group of militant fighters who, like other Islamic extremist groups, wish to impose Islamic rule in Russia’s North Caucasus, the mountainous region that borders Sochi.

Canadian Security Intelligence Services have detailed that Doku Umarov has called upon his jihadist followers to carry out attacks on what he refers to as the ‘satanic games’.

Doku Umarov, like all Islamic extremists, is an ardent Islamist who espouses Al Qaeda’s dogma of worldwide jihad.

The intelligence document states that Doku Umarov currently feels that the UK, U.S and Israeli interest are legitimate targets, however as the Russian authorities have recently eliminated a number of the IK’s commanders these are now being replaced with much younger and inexperienced fighters.

The British Intelligence Service, led by MI6, are now working close with Russian intelligence in order to counter any planned threat; a move seen to repair relations after the Russian spy Alexander Litvineno was murdered in 2006.

Government officials have stated that the safety of all those attending and competing in the games is of paramount concern and that multiple intelligence agencies are working in unison in order to foil any planned attacks.

Currently the British Olympic Association is carefully monitoring the situation in the wake of the two terrorist explosions in Volgograd which claimed the lives of 31 innocent people.

For more information on Doku Umarov see Wikipedia – Doku Umarov

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