Thai Cop Shoot Thai Cop in Bungled Arrest

THAI COP SHOOTS THAI COP IN BUNGLED ARREST – Thai cops are often ridiculed, not only in the Thai media, but also in that of the International media.  It appears that most times a Thai cop simply cannot do anything right.

Most of the ridicule basically comes down to the simple truth that the Royal Thai Police Force is nothing more than a rite of passage to extort, coerce, bribe and murder people with almost impunity.  It is rarely the case that you will find a Thai Police Officer who has any idea of what Policing entails, let alone the intelligence to execute it.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, she is Thai, who had a problem that required the intervention of the police, and like any law abiding citizen she went to file a report.

Instead of a professional welcome, an understanding ear and the willingness to assist, that you would expect for a highly trained police officer, she was merely asked; “How much will you pay for us to look into the matter?”  Understandable she was enraged but the truth is she didn’t expect any other type of response from her pleas of assistance – the Thai Police will not do anything unless their palms are well lubricated with cash.

How bad is the situation?  You might find this almost impossible to believe, but Thailand has the third highest violent gun crime in the world.  In fact it sits below Bogotá Columbia and only by a minuscule margin. Its violent gun crime is so far out of control it massively outstrips the United States, which is astonishing considering that the U.S has a population nearly six times higher than that of Thailand.

Thailand is also rampant with contract killings, many of which are undertaken by police officers.  It is nothing unusual for a police officer in Thailand to draw their firearms and simply start shooting – an incident in Phuket, Thailand highlighted this clearly when a criminal tried to make run for it and the police simply opened fire.

This particular sense wouldn’t have been so horrific if it wasn’t for the fact that this took place outside a busy resort where foreign tourist were left hitting the floor as a number of shot entered the resort – it was, considering the lack of police training, a miracle no tourists were harmed – it was also a miracle that the policeman was awarded a medal for his bravery and actions.

Let’s fast forward to a scene in Pattaya, which took place just yesterday evening.  According to the news reports a Dutch man, who was allegedly intoxicated while in charge of a pick-up truck, hit a motorbike and did not stop.

Thai police were alerted and rushed to the scene and then set out to find the perpetrator.  After setting up a road block, which failed to stop the Dutch man, the smartest of the Thai Police decided it would be a great idea to shoot out the tires and so set up two police officers, either side of the street.  As the pick-up truck passed the two police officers, in typical Thai style, opened fire with vigour but as the vehicle passed one police officer shot the other.

I know what you are thinking – I’m making this up, but according to media reports, this is perfectly true and considering my experience with the Thais over the years, I can assure you this perfectly plausible behaviour.

Here’s an intelligence test…

I can tell you this… If you had chosen the monkey, in the picture above, you would be perfectly correct for it is only possible for a monkey to assist the police, similar to a dog, if it is indeed highly trained, and therefore certainly has far more training in the field of police work than his human counterpart.

Now before you start bombarding me with hate comments, with connotations of racial discrimination, I would like to state for the record that I have absolutely no ill feelings towards my fellow inhabitants of this wonderful planet – as far as I am concerned the monkey is a highly intelligent species, with an abundance of character that is both admirable and adorable, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the Thai.

I can tell you this… If you had chosen the monkey, in the picture above, you would be perfectly correct for it is only possible for a monkey to assist the police, similar to a dog, if it is indeed highly trained, and therefore certainly has far more training in the field of police work than his human counterpart.

Again, you are probably thinking I am exaggerating and yet, it wasn’t that long ago that the media broke the news that the largest Police Academy in Thailand was taking bribes to pass new police cadets for as much as US$10, 000 dollars a pop.

Now consider that a new police officer will likely earn less than US$150 per month you have to ask the question why anyone would pay such a vast sum of money to get into the police force.  The answer is simple… it is merely a rite of passage to extort money from the public that will then pay for the expedient promotion up through the ranks and the higher you go the more corrupt it becomes.  It is nothing unusual to see a high ranking Thai Police Officer with several houses, cars and millions in the bank and all from being able to extort and accept corrupt payments.

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  • mike

    Nice one ED. i believe an ex prime Minister was a colonel in the police department and as prime minister he ordered a crack down on the drug trade in Thailand, I believe the number murdered was in the thousands. He was the PM following the tsunami, the trillions of $s sent from the world countries to Thailand simply disappeared, I know he the exPM owns a beautiful large hotel In patong on the beach road, he also purchased an English premier league football team and finally he now happens to be up there with the richest people in teh world, so folks, should another Thailand disaster occur think twice before taking some money from you own pocket and sending it to Thailand as it will never get to where the help is needed. Thailand is a den of thieves, killers and corruption, at last the world is seeing it for what it really is.

    • hometipster

      For the record Mike. The Prime Minister you refer to is Thaskin Shinawatra. On his so-call war on drugs he had over 2,500 murdered – mostly carried out by the police. It is interesting to note that it is the Police and the Army who are also responsible for most of the drug trafficking in Thailand, along of course with the trafficking of children for prostitution and adults for slave labor from neighboring countries, such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar). All this and more was perpetrated by Thaskin and his government.

      Now the government is under the stewardship of his sister Yingluck, a totally ineffectual puppet control by her exiled brother in Dubai.

      Considering all that has gone on here I am surprised the U.N doesn’t step in but it’s all about money and the sanctity of human life is certainly not considered when it comes to Thais and Money.

      Why any tourist would want to go to Thailand and support such a regime with their tourist dollars is beyond me and even more so when you consider how much violent crime is experienced by tourists. On that note the European tourist market for Thailand is almost non-existent and the only people visiting now in any type of reasonable numbers are the Chinese, although that market is going to dry up soon considering how many of them have died while on vacation here due to the lack of health and safety rules – most common forms of death are by drowning or being run over by a speedboat that couldn’t care less if there are swimmers in the water – the Thais attitude is “Don’t worry if a few die, there’s plenty more where they came from.”