Thai Military Condemned Universally Over Coup

BBC – The US has led widespread international criticism of a military takeover in Thailand as the South-East Asian nation spent its first night under curfew.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said there was “no justification”, and $10m in bilateral aid could be suspended.

France and Germany condemned the coup, with the UN expressing serious concern.

The army on Thursday suspended the constitution, banned gatherings and detained politicians, saying order was needed after months of turmoil.

The military had declared martial law on Tuesday. Two days later, it gathered political leaders together in Bangkok for talks on the crisis.

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  • meebal

    We spoke last night with two Thai contacts in Bangkok minutes after all TV stations went blank. The Thai Army has now declared that the constitution has been suspended; one source told us…

    “The Thai Military claim this is to help resolve the political unrest and to protect His Majesty the King. In reality a coup and the suspension of the Thai constitution is an act of treason against the crown and therefore the Army chiefs have committed a criminal act against the people and His Majesty the King.”

    The source asked to remain anonymous due to fears of reprisal.