Thai Military Profiteering from Human Trafficking

THAI MILITARY PROFITEERING FROM HUMAN TRAFFICKING – I have over the last six months written a number of articles on the plight of the Royhingya people; a race who are persecuted in their own country of Myanmar (Burma) to such an extent that it is nothing less than ethnic cleansing on genocidal scales and yet the world chooses to ignore the atrocities.

Plight of the Rohingya People - a people that are often murdered by the Thais and Burmese and where other countries such as Bangladesh simply refuse to help.

Rohingya Refugee begs for help. But the Thais are only interested in money.

Thailand, if it wasn’t for the direct intervention by the U.S Secretary of State, would now be listed as the worst abuser of human and yet again the world turns a blind eye.


US Government Urging Thailand to Stamp Out Slavery at Sea

You’re probably wondering about now if you can be bothered to read on but then again you might be one of the millions who will simply turn a blind eye and then whine and moan how humanity has slipped so far into the pits of degradation.


Aung San Su Kyi Silent Over Rohingya Atrocities

Thailand: Could the Rohingya Find Sanctuary from Persecution from the Burmese?

You can of course do something about this; we all can.  If I can take the time to write about it, surely you can take 10 seconds out of your day to share this article and make more people aware and will finally put an end to these atrocities.  Basically we need to shame and force our Governments and the UN to act.


Stop the Rohingya from Being Persecuted

Reuters, for a number of months, have been investigating the plight of the Royhingya, or ‘Boatpeople’ as they are often referred to.

So appalling are the conditions that they are subjected to in their native country of Myanmar that they have to flee for their very lives.  The Myanmar Government refuses to acknowledge their right to citizenship, even though they have been indigenous to Myanmar (Burma) for over one thousand years.

As many set sail on makeshift boats with little food or water they are often tracked carefully by human traffickers.  These, according to Reuters, are native Myanmar who passes on details of their whereabouts to the Royal Thai Navy.

Plight of the Rohingya People - a people that are often murdered by the Thais and Burmese and where other countries such as Bangladesh simply refuse to help.

Thai Navy stands guard over a boat load of Rohingya Refugees.

Once the Royal Thai Navy spot them they are then intercepted and forced into a port of their choosing; generally Phang Nga in Southern Thailand, just north of the tourist Island of Phuket.


Plight of the Rohingya People

For those that slip through the net and end up on Phuket itself they are quickly rounded by Police and handed over to the Military who then transport them to one of many refugee camps.

It is from these refugee camps that the Royhingya are processed for slavery; some children are forced into slavery or worse prostitution to fuel the appetites of the sick wealthy Thais; this of course is despite the fact that Thailand’s ‘Morality’ laws forbid prostitution – yes it’s a sick nation.


Thai Police Caught On CCTV Viciously Beating a Burmese Prostitute

Help Protect the Rohingya and their Children from the Clutches of the Thai Human Traffickers

The men and young boys are often used as slave labour on building sites which go to produce high-end luxury villas for wealthy foreigner buyers; allowing Thais to maximize on profits from the sweat and blood of their captive slaves.

There has also been cases where children are brought for less than US$60 and sold to Police chiefs who use them as beggars; it has been reported these children are even mutilated in order to garner more sympathy from passers-by into handing over money.

The human trafficking operation is being carefully controlled by the Thai Police and Thai Armed Services and yet despite acknowledgement by the Thai Government, of these continuous atrocities, nothing is being done.

Many believe, that in a society that is drowning in corruption, the real paymasters are those in Government and it is nothing unusual for Thai Government officials to profit from the misery of others.

Rohingya Refugees lined up by the Thai Navy

Rohingya Refugees lined up by the Thai Navy

The recent Reuters report is likely to once again bring more questions from Human Rights Groups and no doubt the usual rhetoric from the Thai Police, Thai Armed Services and Thai Government will produce little, if any, action to prevent these human rights abuses.

In 2008, just four years after Thailand received overwhelming public help from around the world after a tsunami hit the Andaman coast killing thousands of people, the public learned the true nature of the Thais after it was discovered that not only was most of the donation money, running into the billions, filtered into the pockets of police and government officials, but that Thailand also had another dirty secret.

It was discovered that the Thai Government has a clandestine policy of ‘push-backs’.  These consisted of the Royal Thai Navy searching for boatpeople and then disabling their boats and casting them adrift.  Any resistance was met by lethal force.  It was murder, plain and simple, and yet despite these atrocities where hundreds of people died at the hands of the Thai Navy and their masters in Bangkok, the U.S and UN refused to take action against the Thai Government.

The media attention did put a stop to this atrocity, there have been reports that the Thai Navy are up to their old tricks of using the boatpeople as target practice.  Only recently was this reported and yet again, the matter was quickly swept under the carpet by the Thai Government.

Mostly now the Thai Police, Armed Services and Government officials have realized that one person’s suffering means money in the pocket and when you have a race of people who covet money above everything else, including human life, then you have a recipe for human rights abuse on a grandiose scale.

After five years of the U.S Government pleading with Thailand to change its attitude and cease continuous human rights abuses for the sake of making money, this year the U.S Government have announced that if measurable action is not taken it will refuse to give Thailand a ‘pardon’ which will then force the U.S and UN nations to issue sanctions against Thailand.

We need to force the Thai Government and the people of Thailand to change their ways.

The question is why has the U.S Government been so adamant on giving pardons each year?  The truth is that if no pardon was given for Thailand’s human rights abuses it would mean that Thailand would take the No.1 spot in the world; that’s above the likes if Iran and North Korea – such is the scale of the abuse that goes on in Thailand.

The U.S Government doesn’t want to upset Thailand.  For starters it’s a good trade partner but more importantly it has a military significant geographical location; that is it’s right on the doorstep of China and provides, what the U.S hopes will become home to a number of U.S Military bases.

This clearly shows that the U.S Government is willing to sacrifice human life by turning their backs and looking the other way in order to keep diplomatic peace.

It is no good blaming just the U.S for looking the other way.  All countries that have UN membership are equally responsible and each of their hands carries cash that is soaked in the blood of the boatpeople.

So what can you do to make a difference and help?  As I said earlier I have taken the time to write about the plight of the boatpeople and you can help simply by sharing this on your social networks in order to create greater awareness.

You might also  reconsider you next holiday destination if you frequent Thailand – there are of course many other places you can visit that doesn’t involve supporting a nation that is willing to profit from the misery of others.

It’s time to make a stand and time to make much needed change.  Support the plight of the boatpeople and with a single voice force Thailand to change.

Do you think the UN should impose immediate sanctions against both Myanmar and Thailand in order to break the cycle of human trafficking and abuse? Leave your comments below.

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