Thailand Protests Spread and Erupt in More Violence

Thailand Protests Spread and Erupt in More Violence

THAILAND PROTEST SPREAD AND ERUPT IN MORE VIOLENCE – The Thai Army today fired upon anti-government protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets as three of the five defence layers built up by the army and the police around Government House were breached by thousands of protesters.

A number of Army doctors and nurses were ordered on standby to help treat any injured protesters.  One protester named by the press as Jirat, 25, was taken to hospital after being shot in the leg with a .22 bullet.  It is not clear who fired the bullet as this time.

On the key holiday Island of Phuket in southern Thailand, authorities have issued a public warning to stay clear of the streets as university and high school students will be taking to the streets in protest of Yingluck Shinawatra’s government.

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Authorities have told the media that they expect a large number of students to take to the streets and march to Phuket Provincial Hall mid-afternoon.

Currently students from the Rajabhat University will be involved in the protest and it’s now expected that students from the campus of Prince Songkhla School are most likely to join the march.

With a noticeable downturn in tourism due to the on-going protests in Bangkok the authorities were quick to point out that the demonstration in Phuket is most unlikely to be violent.

With the high season just started there have already been reports that over 300,000 foreign tourists having cancelled their plans to visit Thailand.

Thailand’s tourism remains fragile at best with the constant reports of tourist deaths due to the basic lack of safety implementation and the ever growing reports of scams and violence towards tourists.

Thailand is a country that heavily relies on tourists as part of its overall economic growth but for years the number of western visitors has been declining.

The slack has been taken up with a growing popularity among Chinese travelers, although again this has begun to suffer because of the issues above and with on-going protests and escalating violence, the Chinese tourist market could be significantly reduced.

To date, over 30 countries have now issued travel warnings and the warning levels are expected to rise as more violence takes hold.

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