Thais Brutally Attack British Tourists

This is yet another example of why foreigners should avoid Thailand as a tourist destination at all costs.  The local view now is that if you’re not murdered, beaten or scammed you’re one of the extremely lucky ones.


Once again we witness the true nature of Thais as the set upon an elderly British couple and their son like a pack of wild dogs.  It is well known that Thais don’t fight alone but just like dogs are pack animals.  Let the video below act as a warning if you are thinking about visiting such a violent and hostile country where it’s people care about just one thing … your money.

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You only have to read any of the news that comes out of to understand that Thailand is NOT a safe place for tourists to visit and this comes at a time when the country is effectively under a dictatorship with the military firmly at the helm and arresting anyone who dares utter a wrong word about them.

Thailand continues to attract tourists in large numbers; they estimate some 32 million people will visit in 2016, however the vast majority of these tourists are from mainland China with the European and US travels now appearing to avoid Thailand like the plague.

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It has now emerged that two men were arrested on the 17th for the assault and though pictures (below) were taken of the men in bulletproof vests outside the police station the story did not reach a wider audience despite rumours circulating in Hua Hin about the severity of the attack. says … there are now rumours that the Thai authorities attempted to cover this up in order to protect the country’s reputation.  Unfortunately many expats feel that the country’s reputation couldn’t get any worse considering the amount of violence.

Supatta Baithong, one of the men arrested, told police that he was drunk and initially attacked the son because he had ‘brushed’ past him. The son’s 68 year old father intervened to protect his son as Supatta called “four friends” to begin the vicious attack. says … Once again we witness the true nature of Thais; none more so when they’ve been drinking.  Again, scared of fighting alone, Supatta, like most Thais called for other dogs to join in the violence.

The international media across the UK and Australia are now widely reporting this latest incident of how foreigners are so easily targeted by what can be described as little more than cowards (we’ve referred to them as ‘animals’ here but frankly that’s an insult to animals and therefore we unreservedly apologies to any animals that might have been offended).


Still fancy taking your chances visiting the Land of Scams?  Thailand is NOT a safe place. With the number of murders, rapes, gun crime, violence and scams you are quite frankly better off taking a vacation in Syria for you’re more likely to survive the experience.



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