The Disturbing Effects of Meth Abuse

The Disturbing Effects of Meth Abuse

THE DISTURBING EFFECTS OF METH ABUSE - All drugs will take their toll on the human body over time, even those that are prescribed by doctors, which is generally why prescribed drugs are often controlled with extreme care.  However, there are those drugs, such as Heroin, Cocaine and Meth that have devastating consequences for the user.

In this article we are going to look at the horrendous effects Meth has on the user, not just to their behaviour but also to the way it rapidly degrades their appearance and how it ages them rapidly beyond their years.

Below is an image released by the which clearly shows how a person deteriorates in appearance in just a few short years with the continued abuse of Meth. This graphic is not for the faint hearted as it is disturbing, however it is essential people realise exactly the consequences of using Meth.

Graphic photographs of Meth users and how their appearance rapidly deteriorates in just a few short years.

There is simply no doubt that the image and video are extremely disturbing and as such I place a warning to the graphic nature.  As horrific as the images and video you’ve just seen and watched, this is exactly the kind of content you should be sharing, because to hide the abuse of Meth or any other drugs in a crime against humanity.  I personally have to applaud the for producing such content and making it so graphically clear of the damage Meth will do to anyone abusing the substance for even a short period of time.

Should we be responsible about drug abuse and share what we know in order to help others either get help or better yet prevent anyone from engaging in this type of abuse in the first instance.

We live in an enlightened age where communication is easy and where the flow of information is free and this enables us to fully realise many aspects of society that is damaging, not just to the individual but often to those closely associated with these people.  Remember, a drug abuser is just the same as you and I, but has fallen into a world that thankfully most of us can’t even imagine and will never experience or truly understand.  It is sometimes all too easy to just simply point a finger and say; “There’s another waste of space.” but wouldn’t it be better if we changed our attitudes and said; “There’s a poor soul that desperately needs help.”

If anyone who reads this is in the early stages of drug abuse, then get help now.  If you know of anyone abusing drugs then try to help them.  If you have children then why not show them this article and explain to them the horrific consequences of drug abuse.  We can make a difference.  Share this article with all your friends.

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