The Hobbit

The Hobbit

THE HOBBIT – Due to be release in cinemas 14th December 2012 this epic tale finally comes to the big screen.

I remember as a boy reading J.R Tolkien’s famous work and how it took me on a journey of fantasy that was almost believable.  I remember sitting up for hours unable to put the book down due to my need to find out what trouble lay ahead for Bilbo Baggins and whether he could overcome the foes and obstacles throughout his journey.

After the Hobbit came the Lord of the Rings and again I was enthralled with the journey of Bilbo’s Nephew Frodo Baggins and while many have tried, and failed, to bring this epic story to the silver screen it took several decades before a man, Peter Jackson, had a true vision of what it should be and with the foresight of Newline Cinemas we were entertained with an abundance of characters, a first class story line and a journey that none who have seen it will ever forget.

Coming 14th December 2012 another epic to delight Tolkien Fans around the world.

The Hobbit is no doubt going to be anything less than spectacular to watch and I now count the days before I settle myself in to a nice comfortable seat in the local cinema to watch what I hope, and duly expect, will be a childhood dream of finally seeing this written masterpiece come to life.

No doubt you are as excited as me and that the coming months will see you rush out and buy the DVD – I know I will.

If you are one of the few people who hasn’t read the book then I would strongly suggest you do so.  I have had the pleasure many times and while the movie will no doubt miss parts out, as they did with Lord of the Rings, this will not detract from its excellent entertainment level.

Now waiting for December 14th with excited anticipation.

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