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The Littlest Hoopster Trick Shot Titus

The Littlest Hoopster Trick Shot Titus

THE LITTLEST HOOPSTER TRICK SHOT TITUS - Like most fathers, Joseph Ashby introduced his son Titus to basketball at an early age.  Watching a game with Titus on his lap was one way for them to enjoy some quiet time; but then something wondrous happened.

Titus was mesmerized whenever he saw the basketball go through the hoop and began making hoops with any ball laying around the house.  Since then, his mother jokes that she finds balls in the most unexpected places, like the kitchen or bathroom sinks, the bathtub, in the laundry baskets or wastebaskets and well, you get the point.

Trick Shot Titus

His obsession quickly revealed itself as a skill when Titus began making shots from across the room or at the top of the stairs.  His parents started filming his shots and after posting a few on YouTube, he became known as ”Trick Shot” Titus.

At just 3 feet tall, this 3 year old has become famous for shooting hoops and has reached superstar status with his own following. An entire collection of videos starting from before he was a year old up to his latest one shown above, forms the Titus library.

If you haven’t watched it yet, the video above features well known celebrities Tatum Channing and Bradley Cooper who went head to head against Titus and lost;  that’s right, when it comes to making baskets, Titus easily beat Tatum 14-5 and Cooper 14-8.

You could say the kid’s got quite an arm, especially when you consider the fact that he has also been part of a shoot-around with basketball greats, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, who incidentally he also beat.

Titus, with his dad has had the privilege to guest star on several talk shows including, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Ellen and was featured in an ad by Sprint earlier this year when they reached out to the toddler to create a commercial for their new phone, the HTC Touch.

After seeing the video I was surprised at the shots he was able to make and encouraged to see the support of his family as they clapped and cheered him on.  Where will his talent take him?  No one knows, for now he is just enjoying the game.

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