The Mayan Myth

THE MAYAN MYTH - Business is booming!!  That’s right.  The world is ending and there is a fast buck to be made. Forget about building a concrete underground shelter, you can have a luxury bunker built that will resemble a posh spa.  Hotels are selling 2 night packages that include dinner, complete with champagne and a massage.

Not your speed? Well, like people from all over the globe that has been preparing; by stocking up on firearms and ammo, food and water, gold and other trinkets for trade, medicines and personal items, you too have some time left to get ready.  So make out your list and go shopping!!

The Mayan Myth - Article exploring the myth behind the Mayan Calendar and how some people have misinterpreted it as the end of the world.

Sounds a bit ridiculous doesn’t it?  It reminds me of the year 1999, when the coming new millennium was supposed to wreak havoc on computers everywhere.  Being overly dependent on computers for running our countries, the implications this created were mind-blowing and caused mini breakouts of panic all over the globe.  Then as now, people prepared while others scoffed.  After all, what proof was there that something was going to happen?

Where and what is the proof now that something will happen?  There isn’t any.  There  just isn’t – full stop.

You don’t have to believe me, look around the Internet.  Experts from NASA, astronomers, and scholars versed in the Mayan language and history agree and have spoken out against the false claims being made to the public.    They have facts, data and science on their side and there is no evidence that we are in imminent danger from the cosmos.

So how did this ball get rolling in the first place?  You need to look at 3 cultures to learn the answer.  We have of course the Mayan calendar ending on this date, coupled with the I-Chang; a prophetic writing that has predicted the rise and fall of empires and world wars declaring Dec. 21 as the end of the world along with the predictions of the Oracle Sybil who also chose the same date as the end of the world.  Different cultures, in different time periods pointing to the same date.  What are the chances?

Who put this all together and started the frenzy?  Michael Coe, back in 1966 originally came up with the theory that since the Mayans believed creation began with their long calendar it was possible that when it ran out, so did our time on Earth.  After his writings were published, other authors joined him in his thinking and wrote their own take on the end of the world.

Considering the hype and eventual disappointment of the year 2000, it seems only natural that 2012 would be the next mark on the calendar destined for fame.

Still, if you want to err on the side of caution, it never hurts to have a little extra food or water on hand.  Just don’t run up your MasterCard thinking you won’t have to pay it back.

All joking aside, the world as we know it is changing every day.  The global economy, depleted natural resources, climate changes and environmental disasters are all contributing to limited sources for healthy food and safe water.  We as a people take many of our conveniences for granted without a thought about what we would do if they were no longer available.

The following link will take you to an article that although it is based on being more conservative of our resources, raises important points that we should take into consideration about our everyday life.  It also has a simple test you can take that may surprise you about how dependent you are on power as much as how inventive you could become without it.

How Long Can Your Last Without Power or Water in the Home

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