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The Power of Words and Changing the Message We Give

The Power of Words and Changing the Message We Give

THE POWER OF WORDS AND CHANGING THE MESSAGE WE GIVE I dare you to watch the video above and not be touched to the point of tears.

At we know just how powerful the written word can be; it is after all immortal and lays bare the soul.

Yes we, like anyone else who publishes articles, can get it wrong from time to time, that we’re afraid is commonly known as the human condition and yet words can be changed to bring about a whole new perspective on the message you wish to deliver.

We could write a whole book on the subject of changing words that ultimately changes our perceptions and the way we view individuals and society as a whole; but for this article we’ll make it short and sweet… watch the video and note the change in attitude by simply changing a few words.

It is nothing less than deeply profound.

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