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The Senseless Slaughter of Marius the Giraffe

The Senseless Slaughter of Marius the Giraffe


SENSELESS SLAUGHTER OF MARIUS THE GIRAFFE –  A two year old giraffe, affectionately known as Marius, was put down recently by zookeepers in Denmark to lessen the chances of inbreeding among their giraffe population.  Not an uncommon practice in itself, this particular euthanasia was performed in front of the public visiting the zoo at the time and included many school aged children.

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This story stuns and shocks me to the very core and I found myself crying as I watched the video.  What have we become as humans and protectors of the Earth when we can stand idly by and watch the killing and slaughter of such a magnificent creature?

My family loves animals and I am a firm believer that we learn more when we have the opportunity to see animals up close; to understand their size, movements and natural habitat. To me, this is the very purpose of a zoo and yet I have never thought about what happens if there is a diseased or over-populated animal situation.

An incident like what happened at this Danish zoo is inexcusable and is no different or less illegal than poaching in the wild.  In fact it is worse because the animal could not run from his aggressor or defend itself.

The senseless slaughter was supposedly done to prevent inbreeding of the giraffes, and yet how does the killing of one change the gene pool?  The better answer would have been to trade Marius with another giraffe from a different zoo, thereby introducing new genes to each population.

If the issue was a matter of genetics, it seems to me that the zoo had plenty of time to consider its options before resorting to this senseless act.  Marius himself was only two and healthy by all other standards.  Within those two years, could a solution not have been found and you may be asking yourself why on earth was he not transferred to another zoo?

I wondered the same thing and with a little reading, it seems the zoos which offered to take Marius are not affiliated with EAZA-European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and since EAZA does not recognize or work with zoos not a part of their organization, the offers were not even considered.

From the news accounts, it appears as though the zoo had already made up its mind that it was going to kill Marius and in doing so tried to give it a “positive spin” by doing it publicly and calling it a teachable moment.  This really speaks to the total disregard for animal life that the zoological society everywhere purports to guard.

Seriously, watching the video, does it seem that anyone in the crowd even cares what is going on?  They are all standing there like robotic drones, and by the looks on their faces I have to wonder why no one showed any emotion.  Many do not appear interested in what the zoo keeper is saying or in the process of what was going on and even more startling, no one appears shocked or saddened.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that this very zoo puts down 20-30 animals a year to help manage the populations or perhaps it is because the zoo has created child-friendly “Death Zones” where parents can leave their children in a safe, supervised environment to smash in the heads of animals with hammers.

Yes, you read that right; more teachable moments for the children and what parent wouldn’t willingly want their child to participate?

We talk of our children being desensitized because of too much tv, losing social skills due to increased time spent on the computer and videos games and yet here is a country that will give them the chance to participate in killing.

This is a clear and cut case of animal abuse/cruelty and according to Wikipedia:

“In Sweden cruelty to animals is punishable by financial penalty and the owner will lose the right to own the animals, and the animals will be removed from the owner”

So, if this is the law in Sweden, just how does the AZAE get around it?  Regrettably, it is too late to save the life of Marius, but we can hope that this story will awaken the zoological societies around the world to join together, investigate and find workable solutions to preserve the lives of the animals in their care and to create classes to teach our children to respect life and to regard animals with a sense of awe and wonder.

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