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The Stupidity of Internet Craze NekNomination

The Stupidity of Internet Craze NekNomination

THE STUPIDITY OF INTERNET CRAZE NEKNOMINATION – Over the last few days I’ve come across the term NekNomination more than a few times and paid little more than a fleecing glance to the subject; that is until one of our readers posted an article to me on the subject and pleaded I take a look.

Obviously I was intrigued for I like people who are passionate about a particular subject and so I delved in to the article and the so-called UK internet craze of NekNomination.

I was young once and in my youth I did some pretty stupid things; you know climbed onto factory roof tops, engaged in a little excessive drinking and took up the rather stupid and disgusting habit of smoking.

Yes I’m sure we’ve all been there but the situation with NekNomination is completely bizarre, utterly stupid and frankly potentially life-threatening; the media has in fact reported on a number of people losing their lives to the craze.

Sure it’s easy to say that people are all different and that we all seek thrills of a differing nature in order to make our lives just that little more interesting but the clear risks of an agonising death that could come from participating in NekNomination is just undeniably reckless.

No doubt NekNomination could be likened to smoking, after all that too is a potentially life threatening habit however I feel that NekNomination goes beyond such for I see it as little more than experimental suicide.

If you are not yet familiar with the craze then feel free to use the search engine for more information; I was going to post a video in order to highlight the issue but I feel such would be irresponsible just in case it fuelled someone’s desire to participate and therefore took the decision not to potentially promote the activity.

So what is NekNomination? The idea is to down a pint glass of liquid and the more exotic its contents apparently the more praise you get from others participating in NekNomination.

I’m not just talking about taking a pint glass and adding a concoction of spirits but rather mixing these with other liquids such a liquid car polish.

No I’m being deadly serious; there’s one guy on Facebook who mixed up a cocktail of Tabasco sauce, Southern Comfort and fluorescent yellow liquid car polish and then videoed himself drinking the lot in about 5 seconds.

On the video the 23 year old is seen laughing and then states; “Ha Ha Ha, I’m burping f******* bubbles.”

I’m sorry but I don’t get it.  Again this in my mind is almost experimental suicide; that is these people are merely mixing up harmful fluids to see if it kills them.

What is really disturbing is the way NetNomination appears to be spreading and how individuals participating then ‘nominate’ others to come up with even more elaborate and potentially life-threatening concoctions.

Do I believe in Aliens?  You bet I do for often I look up at the star and hope that there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe for clearly it is increasingly obvious that such is devoid on earth.

To date this ‘craze’ of NekNomination has claimed the lives of two young men in Australia earlier last month and you might have thought that anyone not engaging in substance abuse would have said enough is enough.

Unfortunately that is not the case for there are now thousands of reported cases whereby young guys and girls are necking pints of potentially lethal cocktails just for the ability to boast online to their peers what they have just achieved – of course they then nominate others to go one step further.

To put this stupidity into perspective let’s look at some of the cocktails…  There was one particular case of a guy necking an entire litre of mixed spirits in one go.  Such stupidity would leave most people unconscious and certainly facing the possibility of death.

That particular incident is however considered lame in the world of NekNomination for others have created cocktails consisting of liquid steroids that are meant for sheep as well as other drugs such as Viagra; of course we also have the case of the fluorescent car polish liquid as mentioned earlier.

On top of that we’ve seen girls mixing cocktails and adding a live goldfish and then consuming the lot.

I did a search on YouTube and found one guy who necked a can of beer in one go then bit of a baby chickens head and swallowed that… yes it a sick, twisted and depraved craze where these people seriously need psychiatric help.

Since the announcement of the two deaths in Australia in connection with this craze a number of others have also been reported in Ireland.

The families of those left behind are now calling upon Facebook to remove and ban anyone from posting NekNomination videos in the hope to halt the spread of this craze.

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